December 26, 2018

Top apps to help plan your party | Jesse Berland

Jesse Berland knows that Parties are one of the best parts of the year. Along with the chance to get with family and friends,
they’re the perfect excuse to drink until you don’t mind listening to the same songs all night. don’t worry!
We’ve got a few apps that can help make the experience a lot less stressful.

1. Doodle

Jesse Berland - Doodle app

As adults, we all have separate lives with responsibilities that make it difficult to meet up with others.
Instead of trying to wrangle everyone in a group text or Facebook group where it’s easy to lose track of things,
Doodle is an app where you can see who is available on what day.

Jesse Berland - App doodle


2. Yummly

Jesse Berland - yummly

The most important part of the party is the food, of course! This could also be the most stressful part, but Yummly has you covered.
Even after the holiday season, Yummly is a great app to have for day-to-day recipes. The first time you open the app,
you’ll be prompted to select your favorite cuisines, enter any food allergies that you have, and foods that you just don’t like.
From then on, it curates recipes that it thinks you’ll enjoy.

Jesse Berland - Yummy

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3. Tasty


Tasty recipe videos are super binge-worthy, not only having classic recipes but also putting new and creative spins on them.
Tasty is not only great for food, but their drink selection is probably the fastest and aesthetically pleasing that you’ll see anywhere on the internet.


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4. Heads Up!

Jesse Berland - Heads up

After all, the food has been eaten and everyone’s had a few drinks each, there’s nothing more fun than playing a game with all of your guests.
Heads Up! is a hilarious, family-friendly guessing game.

Jesse Berland - heads up app

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