October 29, 2018

Top 5 Best beginners Motorcycles

These Motorcycles are the most popular for beginners riders.

1.Honda Monkey

Though Honda’s official model designations are typically Z50A, Z50J, Z50M, Z50R, and ZB50,
they are more commonly referred to as the “Monkey” or “Gorilla” because of
the way people are said to look when riding one of such bikes.

Motorcycle Type: Standard (Mini)
Price: $3,999 – $4,199

Jesse Berland - Honda Monkey

2.KTM Corner Rocket (390 Duke)

The Corner Rocket powerful and packed with state-of-the-art technology, it guarantees a thrilling ride,
whether you’re in the urban jungle or a forest of bends.

Motorcycle Type: Standard (Naked)
Price: $5,299


Harley-Davidson Street 500

The Harley-Davidson Street 500 is the first step to your American motorcycle experience. At a svelte 500 pounds, it can be handled easily by most beginners after they have graduated from their first safety course.

Motorcycle Type: Cruiser
Price: $6,899

Jesse Berland - Harley Davidson

Kawasaki Z125 Pro SE

The Kawasaki is easy to ride bike delivers the freedom and excitement of motorcycling for new and experienced riders alike. With radical Kawasaki “Z” styling, the Z125 PRO SE is your invitation to the rebellious side of fun.

Motorcycle Type: Sport (Mini Naked)
Price: $3,399

Jesse Berland - Kawasaki

Harley-Davidson Superlow

The Superlow features a low 25.5” seat height that fits most riders easily. You can adjust the foot pegs and seat to accommodate larger riders, and it’s not a heavy motorcycle that you’ll have to worry about being too much to maneuver.

Motorcycle Type: Cruiser
Price: $8,699

Jesse Berland - Harley- Davidson superlow

List made by Jesse Berland




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