December 2, 2018

The places to visit in New York City | Jesse Berland

Looking for things to do in New York City? Jesse Berland knows

As a traveler, how do you visit NYC? What are the best things to see and do here?
What is the best itinerary for NYC? How do you make the most of your time here
This city is home to thousands of restaurants, hundreds of museums, attractions, plays, and quirky things to do.

Statue of Liberty

Jesse Berland - NYC
If you visit this beautiful city you must see the statue of liberty!
as we know this a memorable iconic of New York you cannot leave the city without visit this lady.

World Trade Center & 9/11 Memorial and Museum

Jesse Berland - World Trade Center
9/11 Memorial designed by Israeli architect Michael Arad involving a forest of trees around
two bodies of water with two large Square holes in their center, the One World Trade Center

Times Square

Jesse Berland - Times square

Times Square is big, bright and unforgettable. Its main junction is filled with popular retailer

Central Park

Jesse Berland - Central Park

One of New York City’s most breathtaking and celebrated attractions,
Central Park is a must-see for anyone visiting the five boroughs.

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