November 26, 2018

Movies everyone must-see this December | Jesse Berland

Movies everyone must-see this December – Jesse Berland
As everyone know television series are good, but nothing will ever replace movies.
He are some movies you absolutely have to watch in December.

1. Ralph Breaks the Internet

In the first option we have a Disney movie, as everyone know Disney always make great cartoons movies.
This movie is about video game bad guy Ralph and fellow misfit Vanellope von Schweetz must risk it all
by traveling to the World Wide Web in search of a replacement part to save Vanellope’s video game, “Sugar Rush”.

2. Bohemian Rhapsody

You already know this band if you are a follower of their music you will love this movie!
This film is about Bohemian Rhapsody is a foot-stomping celebration of Queen, their music and their extraordinary lead singer Freddie Mercury.
Freddie defied stereotypes and shattered convention to become one of the most beloved entertainers on the planet


3. Creed II

If you like fights and you love the series of Rocky Balboa this movie connects both world in one to make a perfect combination.
This movie is about in 1985, Russian boxer Ivan Drago killed former U.S. champion Apollo Creed in a tragic match that stunned the world. Against the wishes of trainer Rocky Balboa,
Apollo’s son Adonis Johnson accepts a challenge from Drago’s son.


4. Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse

I highly recommend this movie just watching the trailer transmit you a good taste of a marvel movie but this a world of spider-man
This particular story is about Spider-Man mentors a teenager from Brooklyn, N.Y., to become the next web-slinging superhero.


5. Aquaman 

Its now for DC Comics to take the show with this solo movie for Aquaman,
Aquaman finds himself caught between a surface world that ravages the sea and the underwater Atlanteans who are ready to revolt.


These movies will leave you with good experience of a new era entertainment!

Post made by Jesse Berland 

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