December 9, 2018

Hackers Hacked printers from around the world | Jesse Berland

The war between T-Series, the Indian channel that upload trailers and songs of Bollywood, and PewDiePie,
the famous YouTuber that for now remains the channel with the most subscribers, is intensifying.
Someone has started hacking printers sending pamphlets in favor of PewDiePie. – Jesse Berland

Pewdiepie - Jesse Berland

It happened last Thursday, November 29, when people from different countries began
to publish that their printer had printed the same text by surprise.

Jesse Berland  -  hacker

A user on Twitter called @TheHackerGiraffe is attributed hacking to thousands of printers and
has published details of how he has done this massive hack,
taking advantage of the poor security of printers connected to the internet.

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