December 27, 2018

Best Online Photography free Courses | Jesse Berland

Here are the best online photography free courses by Jesse Berland

Harvard University Introduction To Digital Photography (Free)

Jesse Berland - Harvard

Easily accessed online at any time of day, anyone can learn photography with this course.
It contains multiple modules that give the student an opportunity to increase knowledge and understanding of digital photography.
Courses are available in several different languages.


R -Photo Class (Free)

Jesse Berland - Photo class

These 30 lessons cover basic photographic knowledge and techniques. Subjects include camera usage, exposure techniques, white balance, composition,
and post-processing. Each lesson is complete with details and photographic illustrations. 


Beginner Photography Course (Free)

jesse berland - photography class

the lessons are geared toward beginners, while others go into detail about more advanced subjects.
Exposure Triangle, flash photography, explaining white balance, and even iPhone photography are some of the lessons offered.


Stanford University Photography Lectures (Free)

18 videos, each one about an hour or so, of lectures from a Stanford University professor on various photography subjects.
Being on YouTube, each lecture is free to access and you can bookmark them for future playback.


Udemy Introduction To Photography Course (Free)

Jesse Berland - udemy


The videos are engaging and easy to follow, complete with an illustration of the subject discussed with demonstrations and examples.
Subjects range from familiarizing yourself with whatever camera is being used, to more advanced techniques covering exposure, composition, and using a histogram.

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